Lance Owen

Hunting with Rick and his son Chris was unforgettable. As much as I wanted to go into this hunt with zero expectations, that’s difficult to do when investing so much time and money into a bucket list hunt. But these two successfully exceeded every possible expectation that I had. Both are extremely knowledgeable, and you’ll certainly never find an outfitter that covers all of the bases like Moose Lake Outfitters. The food was perfect and seemingly always available. I probably gained 5 pounds on this trip. Lol. Ricks wife even sent a cake to camp, and we celebrated my 50th in style! Now that’s a detail that most outfitters would overlook without a second thought. But not these folks. These two even sang happy birthday to me along with my wife. Wow!

As for the actual hunting, the bear numbers were phenomenal with plenty of stalk opportunities. This is an amazing hunt for anyone that wants to check a box on their list or someone that wants to try hunting bear in a new place. My wife and I filled all 4 bear tags, saw the northern lights a couple of times and made 2 true friends for life in Rick and Chris and hoping they’ll come experience some of our wildlife soon.

We’re already thinking about the next opportunity to hunt with them.
Maybe moose and bear next time.

Thank you Rick and Chris!

PS no matter how many times that I’ve tried to put this trip into words, I just can’t seem to do it justice. World Class Hunt!!!!! Top Shelf Outfitters!!! 

2022 Hunting Season