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Our unique Alberta Bear Hunting area is situated in  the Famous Peace River region of Alberta, Canada, where the boreal forests  meet the rich farmland. Because of its vastness of nearly 8000 sq. miles our hunting area W.M.U 524 (classed as a trophy zone) holds one of the highest population of Black Bears in Alberta making it a two bear harvest area.

The Northern Boreal forests of Alberta has one of Highest population of colour phase Black Bears in Canada. Over the years bear hunters have successfully taken bears ranging  from light blonde to dark chocolate as well as your blacks with   white Y’s on the chest or solid blacks. We have seen seasons where hunters  harvested up to 46% colour phase Black Bears. The Boreal forests because  of its remoteness much of the hunting area sees few hunters, with its  proximity to the farmland it continually supplies trophy Black Bears.

The non-baited Alberta  black bear hunts seem to produce equally successful as the baited hunts. A lot of the spot and stock hunts take place on clover patches, berry  patches and other feeding area’s ,such as pipe lines well sites and  old logging area’s. The hunting area W.M.U 524 supplies an  abundant of feed. We catch the bears coming to and from these feeding area’s, providing some great opportunities to harvest a fantastic trophy black bears. There is nothing that will get your blood pumping more than a spot and stock Alberta black bear hunt with a bow or a rifle.

While you are hunting  your guide’s are continually looking for the next hot bear spot or rebaiting  so that we are always four bears ahead of the game. The spring hunting  season runs from mid April to mid June . The month of May produces the  best quality mounts and rugs. The fall season is from Aug.25 to Nov  30. We try to place the hunts in the peak of each season. The best time  for the fall hunts is Sept 1 to Sept 30. The fall hunts always thick  coats with early winter fur.

Alberta Black Bear Hunting (2 bear area):
7-day non-baited bear hunts – 1 Bear $5,500.00 USD, 2 Bear $6,000 USD

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